MayTay Medical

As of May 1st 2014 MayTay is dormant.

Gordon McNeilly has suspended operations, initially (till 2015) to work at Blackford Analysis as Director of Engineering, and then for personal reasons.

What's in a Name ?

The name is composed of two Japanese words me (pronounced May) and te (pronounced Tay) which mean, respectively, 'eye' and 'hand'. The logo is made up of the Kanji describing the two concepts, eye: and hand: . The idea for the name comes from the observation that medicine, for a cerebral profession, is also a hands-on one. Unlike many forms of engineering, doctors actually implement the things they design. Thus, the concept of the the hand doing what the eye (observation and thinking) mandates. Also, it so happens that I think the common English phrase hand to eye coordination is the wrong way round : surely it is the eye coordinating the hand? And the logo is just meant to look like some sort of living being - eye and hand coming together to make a creature !

Contact MayTay

Phone Gordon McNeilly on +44 (0)796 381 6633 or

Company Details

Registration number: SC341922
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.